The right place.

To optimize the advantages of the Surface Hub it's important to have the right installation and implementation for the given room or office. Our experienced consultants will ensure the installation and implementation within your network and make sure everything is functioning perfect to get the maximum out of your collaboration experience.

The Surface Hub in the IT environment

In order to get the maximum benefit from your Surface Hub, your organization’s infrastructure and the Surface Hub itself must be properly set up and integrated.

Surface Hub is a Skype for Business endpoint, only it has some extra IT requirements. To start, the device will be seen as a room device with his own room account settings in Office 365, AD, Skype for Business and/or Exchange. This room account setup is different than a normal user account and delivers some booking ability’s and low to non-rights from security perspective.

• Tip: Use logical and easy room account names to avoid end-user mistakes when inviting or joining meetings. When this is a fixed wall installation use the room name of the conference room already known by your colleagues.

Depending on the local IT environment, proxy settings need to be set or internet access need to be set. Next to the standard HTTP, we also advise to open the port setting the network time protocol:

The Surface Hub is a mobile device and can be managed via MDM. Specific settings are depending on your IT environment.

The device is automatically updating itself via the internet connection or via pushed update from an update server.

After installing it is necessary to back up the Bitlocker-key to avoid future errors when there is a hard disk problem.

• Tip: We recommend to install the device on wired network connection, this secures the best end-user experience in a live audio and video meeting.

Physical installation

Is the Microsoft Surface Hub suitable for your location?  Our experts start with a site survey to visualize what is possible in your organization and especially the chosen location.


For a collaboration device as the Surface Hub we see mobility as a great feature. The rollingstand offers the possibility to move the Hub whenever you want to the right room and is height adjustable.

Wall mount

The wall mount is a steady and beautiful fit for the modern workplace.

55" Hub

84" Hub

per device

55 inch Hub

per device

84" Hub

per device

55 inch Hub

per device

84" Hub

per device

Training & Adoption of the Surface Hub

The Surface Hub is a powerful collaboration device that changed the conference world. An all-in one product that connects different worlds such as communication, video conference and collaboration. It’s designed to bring teams together in a way that feels completely natural.

However, it’s impossible to optimize the advantages of the Surface Hub without the right training and adoption. To get the maximum out of your collaboration experience it’s important that every person who will use the Hub, has got the right training.

We are the Microsoft specialist in communication and collaborating solutions. Since day one we have been deployed as a Surface Hub demonstration partner. With more than 250 Surface Hubs delivered in over 30 countries we are the global partner for implementation and training.

We offer 3 different ways to give you the right training for your Surface Hub.

  • On location: physical training for the Surface hub, in your or our office.
  • Remote: Remotely given training live on your Surface Hub.
  • On Demand: we offer the possibility to watch On Demand trainingvideos, recorded by our experienced consultants.

Communicativ is a Microsoft High Touch, E5 Launch partner, Gold Communication and Gold Cloud Productivity Partner.

Applications are necessary for maximizing the potentials and possibilities of the Surface Hub. We have made and selection of great Surface Hub apps which we’ll keep updated with new applications developed.