The Surface Hub is primarily designed to be a digital whiteboard and videoconferencing solution. Beside the many possibilities and applications of the Surface Hub the main function of the Surface Hub is to connect with people and being able to share your inspirations and ideas. The pre-installed Skype for Business application makes videoconferencing with the Surface Hub clearer and more adaptive than ever.

With Microsoft Skype for Business on the Surface Hub you will be able to schedule video calls or just call and conference up to 250 users. Because of the two wide-angle HD camera’s, the four-element microphone array, passive infrared presence and ambient light sensors the Surface Hub knows from which side you’re presenting. You’ll be able to stand as close as 30cm from the screen and still be perfectly visible in the Skype meeting, so you can continue to brainstorm on the screen and present this to the other users in the Skype meeting.