Creators Update for Windows 10

While Microsoft has offered a seemingly endless stream of previews of its Windows 10 Creators Update for any device other than the Surface Hub, we are now able to test the Creators Update for the Hub and introduce you to the new key-features and improvements.

What's new?

The change in market demand is clearly noticeable in the new update for the Surface Hub. The Creators Update for Surface Hub includes some of the most requested features from its current users. Microsoft introduced an improved new start screen that will allow users to sign on and access personal files, a new whiteboard what makes the Surface Hub even more collaborative and new manageability tools.


One of the most experienced issues with the Microsoft Surface Hub is the lack of a possibility to open personal files. The Creators Update fixes this main problem. You now have the possibility to sign on your personal Office account and open files stored in your OneDrive. Navigate through most recently used (MRU) documents panels inside Office applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, integration with Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed today via the Edge browser.


As you can see on our screenshots, the whiteboard has changed quite a lot. Not only you now have the possibility to choose more colours but you have also access to a ruler for straight lines or just draw a bad shape and the whiteboard turns it into a perfect circle, triangle etc..

But the biggest improvement of the whiteboard is: collaborative writing.  You can now share a link with any other Surface Hub in your tenant and brainstorm in the same whiteboard.


For IT professionals, there are now new ways to deploy and manage Surface Hub at-scale, as well as other admin settings introduced with Windows Creators Update, such as the ability to set Surface Hub to erase all data at the end of each session by default, the option to use BitLocker encryption for USB ports to prevent malware and other security threats, support for additional Mobile Device Management features, so IT managers can change settings remotely and support for two-factor authentication.


In addition to the many big improvements of the Surface Hub there are some other noticeable updates:

  • The Skype for Business sidebar has changed, you have the possibility to hide it or change from the left to the right side of the screen (and visa versa).

  • Screensize is now fullscreen because of the Skype for Business sidebar that has changed.

  • Improved Miracast projection

All improvements explained

A Surface Hub engineer walks us through all the Surface Hub updates with Windows 10 Creator update. For users of Surface Hub, he demonstrates updated experiences including the new welcome screen; start menu and intelligent Whiteboard; single sign-on for easier access to your content, Office Apps and personal meetings; improvements to ending your Hub session and more. For IT professionals, Jordan also walks through new ways to deploy and manage Surface Hub at-scale, as well as other admin settings introduced with Windows Creators Update.