Power BI

For the business user, Microsoft Power BI is a must-have on the Surface Hub. The new presentation mode in the Power BI app is specifically designed for the Surface Hub, so you can bring data presentation to the next level.

Power BI’s dashboards are designed to help you analyze and organize data in an easy and appealing way and present this on a big screen like the Surface Hub. Power BI integrates with 50 apps and includes prebuilt dashboards that sort data intuitively.

The new full screen view for reports clears all the background noise so your audience will focus his attention on the presented numbers. This presentation way hides all navigation and menu bars from the screen. You can still navigate between the report pages using the new and minimized menu.

A good data presentation explains the different metrics both verbally and visually. With the Surface Hub’s stylus, you can annotate on top of your report data in order to emphasize, explain, and highlight different parts of your reports. To make this an intuitive and easy experience Power BI added a set of useful functions into an action bar that’s available on both sides of the screen. With this new action bar you can configure the ink color, or clear all of the inking on the page.



The Surface Hub isn’t a whiteboard without the pre-installed Whiteboard application. The Whiteboard is an infinite canvas for all the content needed in a brainstorm session. It will feel like you’re drawing on a normal whiteboard but without the problems. Because of the infinite canvas you won’t need to erase any content when it’s full or snap a photo of the whiteboard when you’re done. The Surface Hub lets you save or email the contents of your whiteboard directly from the interface in a PNG document or OneNote file to continue your work on any other device.

You start the whiteboard directly from the home screen or it’ll automatically launch whenever someone lifts one of the two digital ink pens of the Surface Hub.
The Surface Hub can take images from other applications alongside the whiteboard, which you can put into the whiteboard for marking or further analysis.

Brainstorm, organise, prioritise and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.

Skype for Business

The Surface Hub is primarily designed to be a digital whiteboard and videoconferencing solution. Beside the many possibilities and applications of the Surface Hub the main function of the Surface Hub is to connect with people and being able to share your inspirations and ideas. The pre-installed Skype for Business application makes videoconferencing with the Surface Hub clearer and more adaptive than ever.

With Microsoft Skype for Business on the Surface Hub you will be able to schedule video calls or just call and conference up to 250 users. Because of the two wide-angle HD camera’s, the four-element microphone array, passive infrared presence and ambient light sensors the Surface Hub knows from which side you’re presenting. You’ll be able to stand as close as 30cm from the screen and still be perfectly visible in the Skype meeting, so you can continue to brainstorm on the screen and present this to the other users in the Skype meeting.