Make sure you have the right installation and IT-implementation configuration for your Surface Hub.

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It’s impossible to optimize the advantages of the Surface Hub without the right training and adoption.

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The Microsoft Surface Hub delivers a rich, immersive experience to the apps you rely on every day.

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The Surface Hub specialist

We have over 9 years of consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve great communication in the conference world with the use of this powerful collaboration device. With more than 250 Surface Hubs delivered in over 30 countries we are the global partner for implementation and training, we know what’s best for your organization.


Communicativ is the Microsoft specialist in communication and collaboration solutions.We are a Microsoft High Touch, Gold Communication and Gold Cloud Productivity Partner. In addition we are the first certified Skype Operations Framework organization as well as participating in several Microsoft Technical Adaption Programs (TAP).

Communicativ Rolling Stand

Designed to perfectly complement the Microsoft Surface Hub 2, Communicativ designed an electric lift rolling stand that ensures collaboration with ease and comfort.

The rolling stand features a tilt adjustable board mount, allowing for the board to be positioned either in a slight tilted position (15°) or in a fully vertical presentation mode.

Positioned in 15° tilted mode the rolling stand offers optimum comfort when writing on the board, whereas the vertical presentation mode eliminates any hotspot from ceiling lighting and provides maximum comfort when looking at the board in seated position. The smooth motorized vertical adjustment increases the writing and viewing comfort.

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Prior to the installation, we discuss with you what installation is in best interest of the organization. To determine if the space in which the Surface Hub has to be installed is appropriate for delivering we always perform a Site Survey. From delevering to operating the Surface Hub, we ensure that installation and configuration will run smoothly and you can start using the Surface Hub as quickly as possible.

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Now that your organization has the possibility to use a Microsoft Surface Hub, you’ll want clear instructions on how to optimize the device for continuous usage. Although the Surface Hub is tremendous for business collaboration, video conferencing, and productivity it comes with a steep learning curve.


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Featured apps

The Surface Hub evolves just a little more every moment, but apps remain just as important as ever. In this roundup, we'll show the best Surface Hub applications at the moment.